Employability and skills

Morley’s most recent found that Morley makes a ‘strong’ contribution to meeting skills needs and is committed to ensuring its provision is relevant to the skills needs of Londoners. 

Our own Meeting Local Skills Needs review (to be published summer 2023) identifies areas of strength in our current provision, as well as areas for development that will enable Morley to meet local skills needs more effectively, working as part of the post-16 local learning landscape of central London.

Through Morley’s membership of and partnership with Business LDN – the lead Employer Representative Body leading on development of the capital’s – the college’s skills strategy is directly influenced by the emerging recommendations within the LSIP.

Our Annual Accountability Agreement 2022/23 (published below) provides a distillation of the short-term priorities to enhance the meeting of local skills needs in the coming academic year, 2023 to 24. We will refresh this document on an annual basis as part of our systematic annual review of curriculum.

Accountability Agreement 2024/25 

Adult learning providers are expected by the Department for Education to publish a statement on how they are delivering to the expectations that come with national funding.

The statement sets out a small number of outcome targets for areas of the curriculum that we are planning to change for the coming year in the light of our contributions to priorities outlined in Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) and to National Skills Priorities.

Meeting Local Skills Needs (June 2023)

This report considers the activities of 91ѡ, and the extent to which they meet local needs.

The Review is a new statutory requirement for colleges and Morley is one of a small number of providers nationally who are ‘early adopters’, contributing in the process to the initiative’s roll out later in 2023.

The report looks sequentially in detail at three sources of evidence:

  • What 91ѡ provides, its role in the wider London education and skills ‘ecosystem’, its learners, and what is known about the outcomes of learning.
  • What is known about local need, from the economic and social perspective, drawing in particular on the new Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP)
  • What civic, employer, education provider and community stakeholders and learners think about the College and the extent to which it meets local needs